Join Us in Helping Detroit Youth Go to Summer Camp!

To many of us as kids, leaving home for the summer meant freedom. We reunited with family or friends in northern Michigan, or had an extended weekend with the family at a campsite. Some traveled across international borders to visit extended family.

Devil's Log Slide, Michigan

Devil’s Log Slide, Michigan

There was something about being stuck indoors all day that begged for summer freedom. A place away from our neighborhoods, city parks, strict classroom rules, and our responsibilities in our daily lives–even if our only responsibilities at the age of 11 were cleaning our room and washing the dishes.


A student from DHDC plays the piano.

A student from DHDC plays the piano.

Unfortunately for many kids in our Summer Youth Program, something like a summer vacation seems light years away. Most of the kids in our youth programs don’t have the means to leave Detroit for a few days. Because of this, DHDC Youth Staff organize an annual camping trip for the kids. Last year, the kids and staff spent a few days at the YWCA in Jackson, Michigan. They will be returning there this year with YOUR help!

Student from Summer Youth Program '13 shows his catch.

A student from Summer Youth Program ’13 shows his catch.

Taking kids to a campsite isn’t covered by any of DHDC’s program grants. Funding for this special program comes from our academic, business, and community partners. It can also come from YOU!

DHDC accepts donations on our Home Page for DHDC’s Youth Summer Camp, but if you visit our Summer Youth Program Fundraiser Series Page, you will learn information about two family-friendly events organized specifically to raise money for our Summer Youth Program: Gaz and Grafz and Off the Wall.

DHDC group poses for a picture at YWCA in Jackson, Michigan.

DHDC group poses for a picture at YWCA in Jackson, Michigan.

We know how important it is for kids to just be kids. Here at DHDC, we help make that possible for our Southwest Detroit youth. We hope that you can join us in making that possible for them!





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