Community Violence Interruption programming is designed to reach disconnected residents that are at high risk for criminal activity. The program design includes life skills training, workforce development and training, case management, probation/court advocacy, support groups, sustain abuse conseling, mentorship and resource referrals. The goal of this program is to help youth and adults get their lives on a positive path.



Freedom Ink Tattoo Removal

Dermatologists and certified medical professionals volunteer their time to remove gang and/or prison tattoos using laser technology in exchange for community service or donations that directly support this program. Participants must commit to a gang and drug-free lifestyle. Doctors provide services bi-weekly at DHDC. This program is supported entirely through in-kind services from Dr. Eric , the Skin & Vein Center, and volunteers from Botsford Hospital.

Freedom Ink


Inception Mental Health Gym

The IINNER RESET CIRCUIT addresses the impact of trauma and stress by providing deep healing into the central nervous system, returning the brain and body to a state of homeostasis and alignment. This Brain/Body Balance Circuit enables us to cope with the same stressful situations that might otherwise have impaired our health.

Our plan is to treat local young people between the ages of six and 25 at the space with 30 minute sessions. During their time at the space, participants will listen to music and interact with Inception’s technologies which are designed to help people’s bodies and minds return to a state of natural balance. They will also experience the use of noninvasive techniques like neurofeedback, magnetic therapy, and red light therapy, to treat issues like inflammation and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


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