Living the Dream: 25 Years Later

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Letter from founder & Executive Director Angela Reyes

As I sat in my living room away from the windows, I counted the number of gunshots I could hear echoing in the night, praying that none of them would find their way to my house where I lived with my 4 children. I listened for the sirens, hoping that none of the kids I knew were involved and that everyone would survive the night. In those dark days of the 90s, I never knew who would make it through the year. I had been to so many funerals for young people and pulled so many grief-stricken mothers away from a grave’s edge that I had lost count.  It was then that I decided that we needed to do something different and that the idea of forming a new organization that could be an instrument of peace and hope was born.

Twenty-five years ago, as I worked on getting this fledging organization off the ground, I never dreamt it would become what it is today. Detroit Hispanic Development Corporation has evolved and grown, not from of a singular dream or vision, but from the collective dreams of our community members and partners.

As families, businesses, and communities continue to cope with multiple crises, DHDC is proud to be among those organizations that have been called upon to meet these needs in creative new ways that have expanded our relationships with you and other colleagues.  Together we have created a new kind of partnership between sectors that is not just about a cash donation but about things that are just as precious:  time, ideas, passion, leadership, goodwill.   These partnerships are long-term, deep, and multi-level in their involvement of community residents, organizations, education, businesses, and leaders.

As we enter our 25th year, your support has become even more vital. DHDC depends on the Dream Makers’ Gala to help us to provide critical services and support in our community, including helping families and small businesses deal with the challenges of a pandemic, providing adult education for non­traditional students, best-in-class youth programming, a pipeline to STEAM careers via the Robotics Engineering Center of Detroit, mobilizing parents to improve education and reduce pollution in our community, and still helping those adults and youth that society has given up on and are struggling to find a new path.

Your contributions over the last 25 years have impacted thousands of people you may have never met, and that impact will last for their entire lifetime. So again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for continuing to support our collective vision. You truly do make dreams come true!


Angie Reyes

Founder & Executive Director

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